Friday, May 8

My Craft Area - TPE

Hi Everyone,

I have not been crafting for several months now... I am thinking of starting up again real soon.  Over at The Pink Elephant blog the ladies thought it would be great to share our craft rooms/areas with you all.  I have a few pictures below that show the wonderful space that my husband made for me!

My are happens to be in the "family room" of our house. Directly in front of me is the living room area, to my left is the kitchen and nook. I am right in the middle of everything when I am crafting. I love it because I don't feel secluded from my family. :)

In this picture above you can see my desk where I craft and alot of my craft supplies.  I usually have the blinds behind me closed because I don't like the sun fading all of my papers etc.

Here is a view of where I sit and my pc and work area.  I have alot of shelves that contain my card stock next to the doors that lead to the back year.  The shelves right behind me have my dies, adhesives glue gun, my sewing machine and Silhouette are there also.
This view shows the other angle.  I have all of my planner supplies on the Raskog cart and my washi tape, flowers, and ribbons are kept in containers next to it.  I have my printer on this side of my desk along with my Bose speaker and SU ink carousel. 
If you would like to have me do a video that goes more in to detail of my storage and craft space please let me know.  I will do that for you!
Please stop by Lori's Blog on 5/15/15!
Thanks for stopping by!
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