Saturday, April 21

Copic Storage

Hi Peeps -

I don't have a card to share at this minute but I do have my new copic storage case to share!  I am so excited about this!!!  I was looking online for ideas on copic storage.  I used to keep all of my copics in a tupperware container:

Sorry for the blurry picture.  I had to crop a pic of my cabinet and zoom in to show what it looked like.  I have found a picture and a website online called Perpetual Playtime, here is a picture of her storage case:

Isn't that just the best thing!!!  :)   Well.... after seeing this I just had to have one so I went ahead and purchased a Double Deep Art Bin from Joann's ($19.99) and some egg crate at Home Depot ($12.97) and a few 5 inch screws, bolts and washers from Home Depot ($5.00 is my estimate - we bought some other stuff for the yard too).  Kenny (my husband) helped to measure and cut the grids and set up the bolts and washers for me.  :)  He is WONDERFUL!!  It really took him about 15 minutes to put it together for me.  Here is a picture of mine:


What I did was set my copics up in the order of the new copic color chart.  My old chart from Ellen Hutson does not have the new colors, so I had to recolor the new one.  So all the extra spaces are the markers that I still need.  My husband DID NOT like seeing that.  :)

Here is a picture of it standing up:

And one if it closed:

And last but not least here is a picture of my new color chart:

Here is the link to Redonna's blog where I got this idea.

Mine is not exactly like hers, my husband had to cut the grid a little differently and her used screws, nuts, and washers. 

I hope you enjoyed. 



  1. Great job! I wish I had used screws, nuts and washers rather than rubber washers. My rubber washers have started becoming less tight and have a little play in them now. I dread having to remove all my markers (I have added many since my blog post) but I will one day replace the rubber washers with screws, nuts and washers. It's always good to take an idea and improve upon it. So again, great job! (Oh, and I never explained to my husband that the empty spaces in my case needed to be filled. It just slowly fills and he pretends not to notice - a good working relationship I think! :D )

  2. I have this name too :-) :-)


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