Tuesday, January 15

Copic Certification Class

Hey there!  Long time no post - at least it feels that way to me. 

I went to the Copic Certification Class and Copic Workshop in Anaheim last week.  Let me tell you that was alot of information/techniques/projects to take in!  Whew!  The great part was that I got to meet all six of the copic instructors!!!!  Lori Craig taught the Copic Standard Certification class.  Alot of the info I already knew but I did learn a few things about the Copic Color wheel. 

Here is a picture of Lori and I after the class:

On day one of the two day Copic Workshop Colleen Schaan and Debbie Olson taught that class.  I did not take a picture of Colleen but I did take one with Debbie the day before.  She is honestly the sweetest lady you will ever meet:
On the final day of the workshop Sherrie Siemens and Cindy Lawrence taught us a bunch of fun techniques with reinkers and blending solution.  Here is a picture of me with them Cindy and Sherrie:
I forgot to mention that Marianne Walker came into our copic workshop (day one) and colored an image for us.  Let me tell you she used like 14 colors on the face including blue and green AND she did practically no blending!!! OMG!!!  Talk about impressive.
Well I am now certified...  I just have to practive my butt off to be half as good as these ladies. :)  One more thing, I am not a short woman, I am 5'7" tall - ALL of these ladies were taller than me!  I actually felt short once in my life!  LOL
Thanks for reading!

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